8th Annual Intensive Surgical and Trauma Skills Course (ISTSC)

Emergency Room
A unique emergency room in San Diego was recently inundated all week with trauma casualties and very sick people requiring surgery and second year medical students performed surgeries. Faculty consisted of emergency physicians, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists and technicians.

EMS Assisting Wounded Patient
The trauma resulted from overturned cars, active shooters and improvised explosive devices. Real firefighters, paramedics, and police were the first responders at the scene.

Casualties were transported to the simulated emergency department. Students performed as ER residents, and also rotated to the ORs to perform surgeries as part of the curriculum. In addition to simulated trauma, students also performed open surgeries for cancer, diverticulitis, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, etc.

Operating Rooms
All this occurred at Strategic Operations on the back lot of Stu Segall Productions TV/film studio and the ER and operating rooms are simulation labs constructed for a very unique – one of a kind in the nation – Intensive Surgical & Trauma Skills Course (ISTSC). Forty-two surgeries were performed on live humans – wearing Strategic Operations’ human-worn simulators called “Cut Suits®,” the only hyper-realistic open surgical simulators in the world.

STOPS’ movie making techniques create the most immersive Hyper-Realistic® simulations imaginable, from point-of-injury to the emergency department and into the two operating rooms.

Cut Suit on Role Player
STOPS defines Hyper-Realistic® as “the achievement of such a high degree of fidelity in the simulation of real world conditions in a training environment that participants willing suspend disbelief so as to emotionally become totally immersed and eventually stress inoculated in a way that can be measured physiologically.”

More than forty surgeries by forty-two medical students from five medical schools were performed on role players – wearing Strategic Operations’ human-worn simulators called “
Cut Suits®,” the only Hyper-Realistic® open surgical simulators in the world.

Recent medical studies – more than forty peer-reviewed scientific papers about the
Cut Suit® in the last 72 months – and seventeen years of anecdotal evidence that Hyper-Realistic® immersion training produces a stress inoculation effect and that repetitive training in controlled, stressful situations enables people to lower their stress levels from the detrimental range to a more beneficial one. The result is also objectively measurable metrics of performance.

Featured Product – Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit

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Strategic Operations implements real world lessons learned, in all of our products. The Hyper-Realistic™ Moulage Kit provides the capabilities of a trained Special Effects Make-up Artist in one highly versatile product. The Hyper-Realistic™ Moulage Kit inserts Hyper-Realism™ into any training evolution, increasing the stress inoculation factor for medical and non-medical professionals, and greatly decreases reoccurring costs when implementing Hyper-Realistic™ casualties into training scenarios because everything is completely reusable. The Hyper-Realistic™ Moulage Kit is 100% user customizable enabling the order of specific “pages” with the desired wound patterns or types.

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