Medical Services


IDC students providing medical aid to flight crew during a simulated TRAP missionAt Strategic Operations we specialize in not only facilitating but conducting training scenarios ranging across all levels of medical care. We offer half day, one day, and multiple day training packages which are completely customizable. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of multi-functional situations to accomplish training objectives. All of our training evolutions can operate in day or night to allow no-light/low-light scenarios. The services we offer immerse the training audience in Hyper-Realism™, simulating the smells, noise, and atmospherics of actual traumatic injuries. Our services are customizable allowing the client to select the desired scenarios in a menu like fashion when developing a training curriculum. Utilizing the menu like build process and the crawl/walk/run philosophy the facilities at Strategic Operations allow the client to accomplish their goals at the highest level. 

Currently we regularly facilitate one and two day training evolutions for multiple expeditionary combat and medical units, fire and EMS agencies, and local and federal law enforcement agencies by running a combination of scenarios concurrently to facilitate the learning objectives of the clients. We facilitate and conduct training ranging from first line trauma medicine in a tactical or non tactical environment to surgical resuscitative care and everything in-between.

The facilities at Strategic Operations have a berthing facility that can be utilized for multiple day training operations. Our berthing can accommodate up to sixty individuals.  We provide linen, showers, and restroom facilities.