Strategic Operations Hosts Active Shooter Drills

STOPS Active Shooter Drills

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Members of San Diego’s medical community are now better prepared to respond to active shooter and other trauma casualties, after a unique training.

Medical students, along with ER residents and staff from Balboa Naval Hospital and UC San Diego Medical Center participated in a series of life or death scenarios involving active shooters, overturned cars and IED’s last week.

They performed hyper-realistic drills with real firefighters, paramedics and police at Strategic Operations on the back lot of Stu Segall Productions, which is a TV and movie studio in San Diego.

“There’s not a lot of opportunities to practice live active shooter scenarios in a very realistic setting,” said Kit Lavell with Strategic Operations. “You make your mistakes in the training environment here that’s hyper-realistic, so your first experience in the real world should be no worse than in the last training you did in a hyper-realistic environment. That’s what saves lives.”

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