Advanced Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Advanced TCCC)

This two-day course includes the Program, Project, and Facility Management, all required logistics, and materials & supplies required to provide a Hyper-Realistic®  scenario environment – to include:

  • One (1) Project Manager
  • Berthing for up to 40+ personnel
    • includes racks, pillows, linen, and lounge area
  • Two (2) Cut Suit Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (certified)
  • Two (2) Cut Suits
    • needle decompression, hemorrhage control, surgical airways (cric), and chest tubes
  • Two (2) Cut Suit Actors (certified)
  • Two (2) Amputee Actors
  • One (1) Casualty Actor
  • Two (2) Special Effects Make-up Artists
    • Up to ten (10) additional Unit designated personnel may be included into the scenarios as casualty actors
  • One (1) Training Coordinator – Shooter
    • One (1) blank firing AK-47 w/ 200 blank rounds
  • Medical Training supplies for up to 40 personnel
  • Simulation devices that allow for control of all vitals and lung sounds on any patient (human or mannequin) during all scenarios
  • Cricothyroid training devices
  • Life threatening bleed training devices
  • Wardrobe personnel and applicable wardrobe items
  • Two Special Effects Pyrotechnicians (Certified)
    • 16 IED / 16 IDF / 16 RPG / Smoke Effects
  • Operational training building
    • Variety of rooms for movement
  • Classroom with the ability to hold up to 60 personnel
  • MOUT Village
    • Wrecked /crashed H-60 Sea Hawk and UH-1 Huey helicopters
    • Armored and unarmored vehicles – both upright and overturned
  • Six (6) bed emergency room (ER) with video recording and debrief capability
  • Simulated DDG training area with berthing, shipboard hatches, medical, and galley
  • Flight deck BDS
  • 4- story Merchant Marine Ship Trainer
  • Three (3) medical immersion training stations (trauma lanes)
  • Location Security for the entire duration
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