Body Parts / Post Blast

The body parts and post blast assessment props add significant value to training scenarios involving mass casualties, post blast assessment forensics and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. The body part props can be used to lift finger prints from a severed hand, facial recognition from a severed head or even teeth to compare with dental records. The props are invaluable for immersing participants into the horrific realities of hazardous duties at home and abroad. The use of these props may seem harsh and unnecessary. However, as in all props and the employment of “Hyper-Realistic™ training, the intent of using these props in scenarios is based on scientific evidence of providing stress inoculation to those participants exposed to this type of training prior to experiencing these harsh events in real life. This promises a significant drop in long term care for PTSD cases on the back end, by investing in proper training on the front end. More importantly, this approach supports better training quality in hazardous duty occupation skills by way of taking progressive steps in immersive training exposure.


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