Make-Up/Moulage Basic Course (HRMK)


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Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is pleased to provide instruction in the techniques of how best to safely and effectively utilize the Hyper-RealisticTM Moulage Kit (HRMK) creating Hyper-RealisticTM wound simulations that will enhance any training scenario.  Many organizations are constantly dealing with reduced training budgets.  This course draws on the many years of experience of the STOPS’ Professional Special Effects Make-up Team and will provide the Training Audience with the knowledge and tools required to employ the HRMK in support of day to day training scenarios reducing those training costs and allowing high profile/final exercises to continue to be supported by Professional Special Effects Artists.

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*Basic course is prerequisite to the Advanced Course

A Defense Science Board study found that 50 percent of all casualties in war occur in the first five or six significant exposures to combat operations.  After these significant exposures, the rate drops to less than six percent.  With that in mind, using Hyper-Realistic™ training to prepare military personnel, law enforcement personnel, and 1st responders for the shock of what they will face in the execution of their duties may reduce casualties and mistakes made due to inexperience.  Facing Hyper-Realistic™ (simulated) scenarios allows these individuals to train and learn in a controlled setting rather than in real world situations.  This is the true value of Hyper-Realistic™ training:  stress inoculation – against the shock of horrific wounds in chaotic situations – saves lives.

STOPS grew from San Diego’s Stu Segall Productions, which was once one of the largest independent, full-service television and movie studios in America.  STOPS has combined the magic of Hollywood moviemakers with the professional knowledge of military trainers for over ten years.  The best illusion artists – Hollywood set designers, construction crews, actors, and special-effects technicians provide believable scenarios creating state-of-the-art, next-generation training environments found nowhere else.  STOPS’ techniques allow/encourage participants to willingly suspend disbelief and find themselves completely immersed in the training scenarios.  All of their senses tell them, emotionally and intellectually, that the scenarios are real.  It is the ultimate in Theater Immersion Training.

The two day STOPS’ HRMK Basic Training Course can be conducted at the STOPS’ facility in San Diego, CA or at a site chosen by the Customer*.  During this course the Training Audience will become familiar with the contents of the HRMK and conduct hands-on applications.  Instruction on the proper care and maintenance of the silicone appliances to ensure the maximum useful life of the HRMK is achieved.  Materials and supplies will be provided to each student and the possession/purchase of a HRMK is not required.

* Additional Charges May Apply

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