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TMSC participants will have an opportunity to practice TECC/TCCC skills in situational training exercises and then this module will conclude with multiple, dynamic, full spectrum operation (FSO) scenarios with high fidelity special effects makeup and human threat battlefield/tactical environment effects.  FSO scenarios will utilize the Strategic Operations Tactical Training Lab.  Upon successful completion of TMSC, students will receive eight 8 hours of continuing education credits.

The TMSC (Tactical Medical Skills Course) will take those with current NAEMT certification in TCCC, TECC or LEFR through 2 hours of augmented skills Labs to include the risks, benefits, indications, contraindications, side effects and proper techniques for the following skills:

a.  Advanced hemorrhage control techniques (junctional, haemostatics, Etc.)

b.  Surgical Airway (Cricothyroidotomy)

c.  Vascular access (FAST-1, EZ-IO, Saline-Lock, EJ, Etc.)

d.  Trauma-specific medications (TXA, Factor-7, Hespan, Etc.)

Prerequisites: Recognized tactical-medical certification (e.g. TCCC, TECC, LEFR, STORM, EMT-T, Military Medical MOS, etc.)

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