Training Scenarios

Strategic Operations provides a multitude of training scenarios including tactical and non-tactical evolutions. The following are examples of a small selection of training scenarios that are conducted currently at Strategic Operations.

MOUT Operational Medicine (Military Operations in Urban Terrain)

A third world village with multilevel environments facilitating all aspects of operational medicine in an urban environment. Scenarios ranging from Vehicle born IED’s, vehicle rollovers, armored vehicles damaged by IEDs, CQB/CQC, and close ambushes are ways to fully immerse the training audience. All of the structures in the village are ideal for setting up casualty collection points and implementing the principles of first line operational medicine. All of our vehicles, armored and unarmored are capable of utilizing casualty extraction techniques and tools. We also have a multi-room customizable shoot house that can be configured to accomplish the clients training goals. All of the rooms are reconfigurable and the insert and extract routes can be modified with movable hallways. Our shoot-house also has catwalks above for ease of viewing by instructor staff while not intruding on the evolution to maintain the Hyper-Realistic™ training environment. Casualties, explosions/pyrotechnics, smoke, no-light/low-light, atmospheric sounds, and hostile fire/Op-For contribute to the Hyper-Realistic™ training.
1st Marine Division conducting MOUT operations at Strategic Operations

Shipboard Medicine

A full fledged multi level ship including a bridge, berthing, galley, flight deck, functional engine room and captains lounge allow for the training audience to be fully immersed in maritime medicine. Ranging from tactical combat casualty care in VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure) scenarios to extracting patients via means capable with rotary wing assets. Above the flight deck is a UH-1 frame with HRST capabilities for insert and extract from the ship. Our facility has an accurate recreation of a United States Navy DDG medical bay and berthing to allow for prolonged patient care and first line trauma care in a shipboard environment. Smoke, aircraft sounds, “rotor wash”, hostile fire/op-for and explosions/pyrotechnics contribute to the Hyper-Realistic™ training environment.
Navy Corpsman treat an injury sailor on-board the DDG ship simulator at Strategic Operations

Field medical station/BAS

All of the capabilities offered at Strategic Operations can be augmented concurrently with second line medical aid stations to incorporate the third phase of TCCC, Tac-Evac Care into every training scenario. From hardened structures set up for field surgical units or minimalist expeditionary style aid stations, our facilities are fully customizable by the client’s request.
Navy Corpsman treat simulated casualties at Strategic Operations' Field medical station

TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel)

Casualty rescue, extraction and aid utilizing the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Smoke, downed aircraft sounds and explosions/pyrotechnics contribute to the Hyper-Realistic™ training environment.
Medical personnel help aircraft crewmen during a simulated TRAP mission

Indirect Fire Scenario

Incoming indirect fire allows first responders to practice and implement the Tactical Combat Casualty Care principles of getting casualties off the “x” or kill zone. Casualties, explosions/pyrotechnics, smoke, atmospheric sounds, and hostile fire/op-for contribute to the Hyper-Realistic™ training environment.
Soldiers are caught out in the open by indirect fire from an RPG explosion

Single Shooter/Sniper Scenario

Incoming precision fire allows first responders, while remaining behind defilade to practice and implement the Tactical Combat Casualty Care principles of instructing the casualty to move themselves off the “x” or kill zone and to safety for treatment. Smoke, explosions/pyrotechnics, customizable atmospheric sounds, hostile fire/op-for, and small arms round “impacts” contribute to the Hyper-Realistic™ training environment.
Hostile shooter engaging friendly forces during a training mission at Strategic Operations' 3rd world village simulator