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Strategic Operations has many high fidelity, Hyper Realistic facilities delivering state of the art training located in beautiful San Diego.
Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is located on the lot of Stu Segall Productions, once one of the largest independent TV / Movie studios in the U.S. In addition to having the availability of all the facilities of a TV studio, such as set construction, props, make-up, special effects, etc.; STOPS' facilities also include design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, fabrication, machine shop, welding, assembly, and shipping.

Additionally, a
Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) site or village on the back-lot can be re-configured to represent various contemporary operating environments (COE), such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa, and Latin America. Military units up to battalion in size have used the facilities.

State-of-the-art video camera and after action review (AAR) systems are available in classrooms.

A shoot house, ship simulators, battlefield special effects, a rappel / fast rope tower, a simulated Emergency Room and two simulated Operation Rooms complete the STOPS' facilities.