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The Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) "military operations on urban terrain" (MOUT) facilities replicate urban environments military units find themselves in when they deploy in support of Overseas Contingency Operations.

STOPS can provide the "opposing force" (OPFOR) for the exercise - men and women who are fully trained, armed, and dressed in appropriate wardrobe to match the mission specific scenario, freeing individuals in the exercise to participate in the training evolution. Role Players replicate indigenous people and their customs.Strategic Operations MOUT Facility

STOPS mobile MOUT facilities feature lightweight composite structures (movable by four people or a forklift), interchangeable facades (Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Horn of Africa next week, or any other place in the world the following week), detailed set dressing, props, sound and video recording systems, automated movie-style special effects, sensors, and communications. Designed for use with UTM Munitions, MILES or Simunitions®, these facilities can be instrumented, allowing battle commanders to monitor live force-on-force position, weapons events, and status in real-time. Strategic Operations OpForExercise events can be recorded for replay during multimedia After Action Review (AAR) presentations in mobile AAR facilities. While units are debriefing in the AAR facilities, props, special effects, and even the sets themselves can be reconfigured.

As with AAR, facilities for command and control, operations, and training are housed in mobile structures. Makeup, wardrobe, special effects crews, role players and OPFOR also operate out of mobile structures, all designed to blend in with the terrain and produce negligible impact on the environment.