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Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is dedicated and focused on maximizing training value by outfitting medical providers with essential training products to accomplish lifesaving goals. By designing medical simulation and training products that are user-repairable, usage and cost effectiveness are maximized while minimizing out of service time for proprietary manufacturer repairs and costly expendable replacement supplies.

Drawing upon advances in medical modeling and simulation over the last few years, STOPS has brought unprecedented realism to military and first responder training. The introduction of “Hollywood-style” special effects has enabled training scenarios to achieve such a high degree of fidelity in replicating the “fog of war” that participants “willingly suspend disbelief” that they are not in a real situation. For example, our Cut Suit (CS) with Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP) combine to create the world’s only Hyper-Realistic® open surgery simulator (CS-ASSP) such that surgeons willingly suspend disbelief that they are not working on a live human.

Surgical Cut Suit Surgical Cut Suit

The Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulator (a.k.a. “Cut Suit”) is the most realistic way to simulate the look, feel and smell effects of severe traumatic events on a live human, allowing first responders and physicians to safely perform real procedures – from the point of injury (POI), to treatment enroute, and transition of care to surgical intervention. Combined with the Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP) the Cut Suit is the world’s only Hyper-Realistic® Open Surgery Simulator.


The main goals of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC/EMS) are to treat the casualty, prevent additional casualties, and complete the mission. The TCCC Cut Suit is specially suited to accomplish these goals in training.

Advanced Surgical Skills Package (ASSP) Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP)

Designed by surgeons, for surgeons, abdominal and thoracic ASSP drops into the patented Cut Suit® human-worn surgical simulator. Manufactured by Strategic Operations, Inc., the Cut Suit & ASSP combination is the world’s only Hyper-Realistic® open surgery simulator.

Blood Pumping System Deluxe Blood Pumping System Deluxe (BPS-D)

The Blood Pumping System (BPS) is an innovation in patient worn bleeding simulations. Designed to be worn by the patient and mimics a day pack worn by many Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and other personnel around the world.

Blood Pumping System Basic Blood Pumping System Basic (BPS-B)

The Blood Pumping System (BPS) is an innovation in patient worn bleeding simulations.  Designed to be worn by the patient and mimics a day pack worn by many Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and other personnel around the world.

6-In-1 Trainer 6-In-1 Trainer

The Strategic Operations 6-in-1-TCCC Trainer is comprised of a Hyper-Realistic® head and upper torso constructed from a foam-filled, anatomically similar resin skeleton with user-repairable silicone body skin, neck skins, tracheas, and intraosseous training pucks.

Hyper-Realistic<sup>&reg;</sup> Moulage Kit Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit (HRMK)

Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) implements real world lessons learned in all products. The Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit (HRMK) provides the capabilities of a trained Special Effects Make-up Artist in one highly versatile product.

TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit (TAMK) TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit (TAMK)

Strategic Operations Inc. wearable wounds are designed to give realistic tactile and visual feedback in a multitude of training environments.

Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT) Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT)

The patent pending Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT) is a Hyper-Realistic® medical training product designed to safely simulate hemorrhaging in some of the most challenging anatomical locations such as the carotid artery, axillary artery, and inguinal artery.

Blast Trousers Blast Trousers

The Blast Trousers simulate blast injuries starting above the knees that are circumferential and continue to just below the naval – with a life-like appearance and feel.

IV Suture Sleeve IV Suture Sleeve

The IV and Suture Sleeve is a “patient” worn sleeve allowing medical personnel to practice IV catheterization, suturing, stapling, anesthetization, and wound irrigation as well as cleansing techniques on a live individual.

Suture Block Suture Block

The Suture Block is a Hyper-Realistic® training aid used for hands-on practical application of wound closure techniques. Create superficial or deep lacerations that can be closed by sutures or staples.

Special Effects Blood Kit (Artificial Training Blood) Special Effects Blood Kit (Artificial Training Blood)

The Special Effects Blood Kit (Artificial Training Blood) brings the quality of Hollywood to the world of medical simulation.