Looking to the Future

Building on training support experience from OEF, OIF, and Overseas Contingency Operations… Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) offers innovative solutions for the challenges our war-fighters face in this increasingly unstable world. Future threats to our nation’s security more and more will come from failed states and under-governed areas where instability, chaos, and human misery foster breeding grounds for terrorism and insurgencies. Terrorism will not be so much the cause of our future problems as it will be the result of our failures to understand the human domain. As our military becomes more agile, flexible, and ready for the challenges ahead, so must our understanding of the physical, cultural, and social environments in strategic parts of the globe. Our training must be based on these understandings. STOPS creates Hyper-Realistic™ training environments and simulations based on human terrain analytics, an understanding of human geography, and the social and cultural awareness that can help our military and civilian counterparts shape the human terrain before instability morphs into threats.


Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) provides Hyper-Realistic™ training environments for military, law enforcement and other organizations, using state-of-the-art movie industry special effects, role players, proprietary techniques, training scenarios, facilities, mobile structures, sets, props, and equipment.


Since 2002 STOPS has provided pre-deployment training support to more than 750,000 military personnel (and still counting, every day) using our STOPS created Hyper-Realistic™ environments. STOPS is part of Stu Segall Productions, one of the largest independent TV / movie studios in the country.


STOPS introduced "The Magic of Hollywood" to live military training by employing all the techniques of film and TV production integrated with military tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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