Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP)

Advanced Surgical Skills Package (ASSP)
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Introducing the World's First Hyper-Realistic® Open Surgery Simulator Designed by Surgeons, for Surgeons, to Teach Surgeons.

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Designed by surgeons, for surgeons, to teach surgeons, abdominal and thoracic ASSPs drop into the patented Cut Suit® human-worn surgical simulator (Cut Suit sold separately.)

Manufactured by Strategic Operations, Inc., the Cut Suit & ASSP combination is the world’s only Hyper-Realistic® open surgery simulator.

ASSPs replicate various trauma and pathology scenarios, so realistic that participants willingly suspend their disbelief that they are not working on a real person. And unlike performing surgery on a real person, time out can be taken for instruction and education, and then restarted.

Mistakes could be made and taken to a point where true learning of how to recover from the mistake can be experienced, safely. The system could be paused, reset, started over, and stopped to be analyzed and reviewed for lessons learned.

Since the end of the "see one, do one, teach one" era of the "Halstead method," physicians in training have had significantly less hands-on experience in which they have been allowed to make decisions and be responsible for the consequences of those decisions. The Cut Suit & ASSP allows for that experience.

Besides improving individual surgical skills and decision making, the Cut Suit simulator enhances surgical team training just as flight simulators enhance Crew Resource Management in the airline industry.

Current trauma configurations are available (see below) and more are in development. Pathologies and custom applications are also available with a 30 day advance notice.

ASSPs are rented and shipped in returnable cases, complete with instructions, surgical blood and other components. No need for the client to repair – only ship back the ASSP in the postage pre-paid container. The customer must own or rent a Cut Suit to use the ASSP.

To discuss the ASSP and a syllabus to help enhance surgical residency training and education, please contact us.

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AAST 80th Annual Meeting - Podium Presentation - Michael Klien M.D. - September 29, 2021

Supporting Document (pdf)
Hyper-Realistic Advanced Surgical Skills Package with Cut Suit Surgical Skills Package with Cut Suit Surgical Simulator Improves Surgery Trainee Confidence in Operative Trauma
Oral Abstract from the 80th Annual Meeting of AAST and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery - September 29 - October 02, 2021 (source)

Current Configurations

Injured Lung

Injured Liver, Injured Spleen, Injured Bowel

Injured Liver, Injured Spleen, Injured Iliac, Injured Bowel, Injured Kidney

Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons, to teach Surgeons, Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP) replicate various trauma and pathology scenarios, so realistic, participants willingly suspend their disbelief that they are not working on a real person.

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