Open Surgical Simulation System (OS3)

Open Surgical Simulation System (OS3)

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Under the current surgical educational system, residents, and fellows have had significantly less hands-on experience in which they have been allowed to make independent decisions and be responsible for the consequences of those decisions. Strategic Operations™, Inc. ("STOPS") uses proprietary and patented* technology to bring training to the next level. The Surgical Simulation Trainer™ and Advanced Surgical Skills Packages™ ("ASSPs") provide for our own "hyper-realistic ®" training.

Using simulation as a training modality, instruction and education can be paused with "time outs" for illustrating critical teaching points and then restarted. Our Surgical Simulation Trainer in conjunction with our Advanced Surgical Skills Packages allow residents and fellows to experience various trauma and general surgery scenarios in a "hyper-realistic®" high-fidelity model where they willingly suspend their disbelief that they are not working on a simulation trainer, but on a real person.

Capabilities of the Open Surgical Simulation System

Chest Injury Pattern Capabilities

• Pneumothorax
• Hemothorax
• Pericardial tamponade
• Right ventricular laceration
• Left lung lower lobe bleeding injury

Abdominal Injury Pattern Capabilities

• Hemoperitoneum
• Grade IV liver injury
• Grade IV splenic injury
• Grade IV left renal injury
• Zone II expanding hematoma
• Left external iliac artery injury
• Inferior vena cava injury
• Small bowel injury
• Colon injury
• Ureteral injury


• Needle Decompression
• Chest Tube Thoracostomy
• Resuscitative Left Anterolateral Thoracotomy
• Cross clamping of the thoracic aorta
• Pericardiotomy
• Right ventricular Pledgeted cardiorrhaphy
• Left lung wedge resection
• Internal cardiac massage
• Exploratory laparatomy
• Supraceliac aortic clamping

• Abdominal packing
• Pringle maneuver
• Mattox maneuver (left medial visceral rotation)
• Cattell-Braasch maneuver (right medial visceral rotation)
• Kocher maneuver
• Hepatorrhaphy
• Splenectomy
• Left nephrectomy
• Bowel resection with anastamosis
• Primary repair or shunting left external iliac artery injury
• Suprapubic catheter placement

Surgical Blood Pumping System

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• State of the art blood pumping system that can simulate arterial or venous blood flow.
• Analog pressure gauges that depict the pulse and indicate when blood flow has stopped.
• Adjustable blood pressure, flow and pulsatile controls.
• Two independently controlled pumps send blood through four outlets into the ASSPs
• Wall-mountable light display of real-time pump operation for all training participants to view.
• Foot-operated interrupter on/off switch of system flow & pulses
• Digital voltage-meters that gauge the viscosity of the blood mix
• Uses up to a 6-gallon standard bucket of STOPS Artificial Surgical SFX Blood.

Current Customers

Cape Fear Valley Health Cape Fear Valley Health System
Mount Sinai Surgical Simulation Center Mount Sinai, NYC Surgical Simulation Center
Rocky Vista University, Office of Simulation in Medicine and Surgery (SIMS) Rocky Vista University, Office of Simulation in Medicine and Surgery (SIMS)
UCSF Fresno Clinical Skills and Simulation Center UCSF Fresno Clinical Skills and Simulation Center
University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine
NYU Dept. of Surgery, Surgical Skills Lab, located in Bellevue Hospital, HHC, NY NY
The Simulation Center IMSAL logo NYC Health + Hospitals, The Simulation Center/IMSAL, located on the campus of NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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