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STOPS Product Catalog (PDF) Training Aids

Re-Locatable Habitat Unit (RHU) Re-Locatable Habitat Unit (RHU)

The Relocatable Habitat Unit or RHU is a mobile modular structure that allow for training in multiple environments without the hassle of building permanent structures.

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Facades and Walls Facades and Walls

Strategic Operations Inc. brings its Hollywood set design and construction experiences to create MOUT villages and towns that faithfully replicate various areas of the world.

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Ship Simulators Ship Simulators

Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) designed, developed, integrated, and delivered Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) and Force Protection Ship Simulators for the US Navy’s Center for Navy Security Forces at Naval Station San Diego; Northwest Annex, Chesapeake, Virginia; Naval Station Mayport, Florida, and Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

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MOUT-Atmospherics Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) - Atmospherics

Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) - Atmospherics is best defined as props, sets, and other items used to create a Hyper-Realistic®, immersive, simulated environment in which participants willingly suspend disbelief that they are not in the real world. These immersive environments replicate rural low density areas to densely populated urban areas by providing layers of texture, infrastructure components and subterranean features.

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Faux Weapons Faux Weapons

Faux weapons, munitions, and HME products are all proven effective training aids used to add a dimension of realism or validate individual & collective skill sets.

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Live Fire RHU Live Fire RHU

The “Live Fire” RHU is designed with safety in mind for live fire maneuvers at designated training areas.

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Live Fire Shoot House Props Live Fire Shoot House Props

The “Live Fire” props are designed with safety in mind for live fire CQB / CQC in live fire shoot houses at Law Enforcement and Armed Forces designated training areas.

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SSE Kit (Intelligence Aids) Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Kit (Intelligence Aids)

The SSE Kit is a highly customizable package support line item designed to provide an additional level of Hyper-Realism® to the training environment.

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3-D Targets 3-D Targets

The current 3-D target product offering consists of human and vehicle targets made of ABS plastic vacuum formed material. The human target is capable of withstanding approximately 3,000 rounds before hit registry failure, and the vehicle 3-D target varies case by case (depending on ordinance used).

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