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Role Players

Drawing on resources of our casting agency, co-located with the Stu Segall Productions TV / movie studio, Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is able to provide hundreds of role players who serve as civilians on the battlefield (COB). Foreign language speakers (FLS) who know the language and customs from any area of the world play the roles of government officials, religious leaders, tribal elders, or interpreters. Role players with military experience, weapons training, and knowledge of insurgent tactics can make up a dedicated opposing force (OPFOR). STOPS also provides Category II and III role players for training exercises requiring security clearances.

To support Special Operations Training Exercises STOPS has created platoon-sized teams of role players with military backgrounds who are fully outfitted with uniforms, gear, weapons, vehicles, tents, and logistical support. Trained by STOPS to act as partner nation special operations units, they participate in training exercises where they interact with U.S. SpecOps forces. STOPS provides all role players with wardrobe, props, and vehicles to faithfully replicate any environment imaginable.

Role Player Support
STOPS supports the regionally aligned force (RAF) with culturally correct SMEs offers multiple forms of support for Home Station programs of Professional Military Education (PME) sustainment and pre-deployment support.
For mission specific Language, Regional Expertise and Cultural Expertise (LREC) ask about a full immersion training packages (CENTCOM | AFRICOM | PACOM).
  • Forward Area Officer (FAO)
  • SME support for -Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multi-National (JIIM)
  • Security / Capacity Building
STOPS offers critical context and expertise to replicate a regionally aligned force working with a variety of partners including host nation militaries, civil authorities, NGOs and the population to help accomplish the mission in a meaningful way.

Advanced Special Operations Role Players and SMEs
STOPS provides highly specialized Role Player Support ASOT-1,2, & 3 Trade Craft Support
  • Counter Intelligence Support
  • Surveillance Support
  • Operational Environment Preparation
  • Civil Affairs / PSYOP training support
  • Host Nation Security Forces
  • Host Nation Local Government
  • Host Nation Liaison officers
Large Army Role Player Support for CTCs | NTC Ft. Irwin Support |BATUS
Role Players - STOPS provides various role player services (e.g., acting as translators, insurgents, town's people, etc.) supporting Large Army battle groups and Armored Brigade Combat Teams / Brigade Combat Teams (ABCT / BCT).
  • Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) Role Players - STOPS provide FLS role players that are cleared with life experience residing in the cultural/geographic region portrayed during the training. Fluent in language and culture and provide the "human terrain" in which the battle groups operate.
  • Generic Role Players - STOPS provide Generic Role Players (non-foreign language speaking role players) able to portray civilian roles within the training that do not require a foreign language capability. Often used in scenarios replicating NGOs, News Media, or IDP personnel distinctly different than the military personnel on the battlefield.
  • Special Skilled Role Players (SSkRP) - STOPS provide SSkRP. Such as Opposing Force (OPFOR). This includes role players able to fire weapons and drive military vehicles (Insurgents) and Casualty role players (amputees) who can replicate personnel with traumatic injuries on the battlefield. The role players are skilled at taking direction from the training cell, and carry the role of the character to fully realize troop learning objectives in a meaningful way.
  • FLS, Generic, and SSkRP Role Players - STOPS provide Generic, and SSkRP role players to enhance the realism of the training. Foreign language usage will exercise the training unit's human intelligence assets, complicate the unit's operations, provide a source of intelligence, information, and exercise the unit's procedures for care and treatment of non-English speaking combatants.
Role Player Support Sub-category /Special Effects / Battle Field Effects (BFE)
  • Battlefield Effects Personnel - STOPS provide actual “Hollywood” special effects technicians, (Make-up Artists) skilled in developing horrific wounds to establish an emotional connection to learning objectives while enhancing the realism of military training for the ABCT / BCTs. Some special effects include replication of explosions, rockets, bullet strikes, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) effects and the effect of traumatic injuries.
  • Pyrotechnicians - STOPS provide licensed Pyrotechnicians with over (20) years’ experience. Operating with the highest standards for safest standoff distances while timing the employment of pyrotechnics to carry learning objectives to the fullest extent possible.