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Role Players

Drawing on resources of the casting agency previously co-located with Stu Segall Productions, STOPS is able to provide role players who serve as civilians on the battlefield (COB) or as individuals required for any type of training support – Generic, foreign language speakers (FLS), casualty, and insurgent.

  • Generic Role Players - non-foreign language speaking role players able to portray civilian roles within the training that do not require a foreign language capability. Often used in scenarios replicating government officials, new media, or innocent bystanders.
  • Foreign Language Speaking (FLS) Role Players - FLS role players that are cleared with life experience residing in the cultural/geographic region portrayed during the training. Fluent in language and culture and provide the "human terrain" in which the military operates.
  • Casualty Role Players – casualty role players that act as wounded personnel on the battlefield or injured in everyday situations. These individuals will have traumatic wounds applied by Special Effects Make-up Artists and are trained to display symptoms of various injuries. There are also Amputee Actors that can replicate some of the most horrific injuries – those requiring tourniquet training. Cut Suit Actors can portray injuries that can be treated on a live person – needle D, cric, chest tube, tourniquet.
  • Insurgent Role Players – Insurgent/Opposing Force (OPFOR) role players are provide to stress and harass friendly forces. They are able to fire weapons (blank and/or marking rounds) and drive military vehicles.

STOPS has created platoon-sized teams of role players with military backgrounds who are fully outfitted with uniforms, gear, weapons, vehicles, tents, and logistical support. Trained by STOPS to act as partner nation special operations units, they participate in training exercises where they interact with U.S. Special Forces.