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MOUT Construction

Using shipping containers in Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) training environments proved a unique way of getting around the time delays and red tape of military construction (MILCON). But hundreds of shipping containers don’t make a MOUT facility!

They don’t look realistic, and tactically, 8 foot by 40-foot shipping containers provide little real training value. STOPS designs and constructs environments that are Hyper-Realistic® – and tactically challenging – by using Hollywood set construction techniques combined with years of military training experience.

If shipping containers are to be used, STOPS engineers them, cuts them up, and then reassembles them into structures that look like the real world – not a storage yard. Realistic textures and architectural treatments, including domes, minarets, spires, and parapets are applied to shipping containers, along with props, set decoration, and other enhancements to provide the rich, varied, and complex looks of developing world urban areas.