Innovative, Affordable, Long-Term Solution for Temporary Housing for Homeless Families

For more than 18 years, San Diego’s Strategic Operations, located on the backlot of the Stu Segall Productions television and movie studio, has been providing innovative, leading-edge products and services that have solved a myriad of problems encountered by our military, first responders and medical industry. The company is now committed to solving one of our nation’s biggest problems — housing our homeless population — with the introduction of “Strategic Habitats™”, an innovative, affordable, long-term solution for temporary housing for homeless families.

Strategic Operations has modified thousands of these 40-foot-long shipping containers to create training facilities at military bases all over the world. STOPS craftsmen cut up these large metal containers and then weld them into replicas of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Then artisans attach movie industry type facades to transform these them into hyper-realistic interiors and exteriors that look just like the real thing.

Strategic Habitats™ will be constructed in much the same way — producing 480-square-foot single-family homes that are equipped with full plumbing for bathrooms and kitchen, as well as air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort. The all-electric kitchen comes with fully equipped double-burner stove, microwave, and refrigerator/freezer. The fully furnished bedrooms can comfortably sleep two adults and two children with multiple storage options for the whole family. Horizontal and vertical configurations of the homes can be easily assembled into safe, secure family habitats with minimal site prep.

Larger than hotel rooms converted to homeless housing, Strategic Habitats™ are priced 30 to 40 percent less than converted hotels or new construction. In addition, Strategic Habitats™ are much quicker to complete over new construction and the units can easily be assembled in a variety of configurations including multi-story, and placed on parking lots or any open property.

There are over 8,000 homeless in San Diego County, the fourth highest in the US, with more than half living on the street, and the rest in shelters. Strategic Habitats™ provides a distinctive, essential, and special environments that are material for life and growth. They can be an essential solution to help homeless individuals and family re-enter society with dignity in a distinctive safe and special environment.