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Operational Training Building - ShootHouse

The Operational Training Building (ShootHouse) is part of the STOPS Tactical Training Laboratory (TTL). It is a building of approximately 6,400 square feet and has four levels – each with multiple rooms and hallways. There are internal stairways and an external stairway leading to each floor. Multiple “hides” are located throughout allowing for many possibilities for law enforcement personnel.

Tactical Training Laboratory
The TTL is a training/simulation area unlike any other. STOPS fills the void of realistic training for tactical teams of law enforcement, military, and other professional organizations responsible for public safety. Managed and operated by highly trained tactical operators, STOPS knows and understands the needs of both military and public safety professionals. Utilizing a support staff trained to re-create any tactical scenario in the greatest of detail; the physical and sensory environment is both controlled, manipulated, and
influenced – creating a Hyper-Realistic® training experience.

Custom scenarios can be developed and custom sets can be constructed. STOPS can provide the “opposing force” for exercises -- men and women who are fully trained, armed, and dressed in appropriate wardrobe to match the mission specific scenario, freeing all personnel in the unit to participate in the training evolution. Role players can replicate indigenous people and their customs or casualties from any type of traumatic event.

Role players add a convincing and haunting reality to each
training experience, regardless of the venue. They take the training experience to another level – one in which military and law enforcement teams are faced with circumstances/
challenges not available in any other training.

All facilities are approved to use blanks, Simunitions®, or any type of marking round.

Special effects can include smoke, noise, and explosions that add the highest level of realism safely and simulate the “fog of war” or a traumatic event. Special effects make-up artists can simulate actual combat/traumatic wounds, adding a heightened sense of realism to any training.

STOPS also maintains a “BunkHouse” – a room fashioned after the military squad bay, as well as an outdoor shower trailer
that is available to units utilizing any part of the TTL.

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