Surgical Blood Pumping System

Surgical Blood Pumping System
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Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) designed the SBPS to complement the performance of surgical procedures on the Cut Suit®.

The ASBPS connects to the Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP), which surgeons use to perform trauma and elective procedures on the Cut Suit®. The system executes pauses, resets, start-overs, and stops for analysis and review for lessons learned.

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Features Unique to the Surgical Blood Pumping System:
  • Uses up to a 6-gallon standard bucket of STOPS Artificial Surgical SFX Blood.
  • Two independently controlled pumps send blood through four outlets into the ASSPs.
  • Adjustable blood pressure, flow, and pulsatile controls simulate venous or arterial flow.
  • Analog pressure gauges depict the pulse and indicate when blood flow has stopped.
  • Digital voltage-meters gauge the viscosity of the blood mix
  • Wall-mountable Lights Display of real-time pump operation for all training participants view
  • Foot-operated interrupter switch of system flow and pulses for the strategic pause in instructor teachings
  • Foot-operated interrupter switch restarts blood flow and pulses from paused system settings