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Mobile Training Support Teams

Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) has supported Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit (MEU), as well as Army brigade-sized training exercises involving as many as 350 role players playing the parts of civilians on the battlefield (COB), opposing force (OPFOR), foreign language speakers (FLS), religious, tribal and government leaders, and interpreters.

STOPS pyrotechnicians and medical special effects artists create Hyper-Realistic® battlefield effects and combat wound effects - including gunshots, shrapnel wounds, eviscerations, sucking chest wounds, burns, CBRNE, and traumatic amputations (with amputee actors).

The Mobile Training Team (MTT) logistics train can include modular structures, props, sets, weapons, wardrobe, communications equipment, and vehicles.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and instructors are available in the areas such as Close Quarter Combat, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) awareness, foreign weapons familiarization, and other subjects. Camera crews provide video recording and editing for after action review.