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Battlefield Effects

In order to enhance the perceived threat environment in the training scenarios, STOPS special effects artists create realistic battlefield effects, including rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), mines, and explosions from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and vehicle borne IEDs (VBIEDs) that are employed by insurgents and suicide bombers. Smoke, sound, and smell add the highest level of realism safely to simulate the “fog of war".

The level of fidelity achieved in training is so high, that those who are immersed in it call this Hyper-Realistic® training. For those preparing for combat… it becomes stress inoculation.

All of the simulated explosive and fire effects used at STOPS utilize proprietary techniques based on television and motion picture industry technology. The simulation devices used for all military training are manufactured at STOPS by pyrotechnicians licensed by federal and state authorities having jurisdiction. Only certified and licensed pyrotechnicians conduct pyrotechnic special effects in close proximity to actors, and/or an audience.

While these techniques are necessary to provide hyper-realism they are not sufficient. Pyrotechnic special effects need to be made repeatable, dynamic, and interactive in order to be successfully employed in training scenarios.

STOPS technicians, operators, and management bring a depth of experience and knowledge of military tactics, techniques, and procedures to the design and employment of battlefield effects.

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