Mobile Urban Sniper Tower

It's a MUST - and Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) designed, built, and installed (in four weeks) this Mobile Urban Sniper Trainer at Camp Pendleton Range 130 for the Special Operations Training Group (SOTG).

This trainer improved existing firing points and increased the variety of urban "shot-types" by incorporating a façade typical of a Middle Eastern urban environment.  It includes the following features: 

  1. a multi-storied platform for ground-level and above ground-level urban sniper scenarios and TTP proficiency
  2. eight unique training compartments and roof-top firing positions for scenario variety
  3. a training environment that allows sniper teams to conduct live-fire training both into and out of the multi-storied, compartmentalized façade with existing portable, remote operated targets and / or bullet traps
  4. OSHA compliant safety rails hidden inside parapets
  5. 30-ft tall attic hide (optional 20 or 40-ft available)
  6. moveable interior walls
  7. electrical, lighting and sound effects speaker system
  8. real block, brick, and rubble
  9. set decoration

The trainer has windows framed out and the materials used allow the snipers to cut their own loopholes, create urban hide and field expedient artificial support positions and create multiple scenarios using the walls inside the structures.

The eight training compartments are constructed from modified shipping containers.  The lower level is constructed from two 20-foot and one 40-foot containers, the upper level from one 40-foot container with a parapet, and the tower from a 20-foot and a 10-foot container.  The exteriors were transformed by employing the materials, techniques, skills and imagination that are used in the film industry.  STOPS transforms shipping containers into richly-textured Hyper-Realistic™ environments that replicate any area of the world.

This structures has been set decorated to replicate the Iraqi urban environment.