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Get the Forces On/Off (GETFO) is an innovative product that utilized research, development, and rapid prototyping that targeted a known discrepancy in the rapid deployment of Marines from 7-ton trucks.

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Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) provides the military with cutting edge, next generation, live-training simulations and facilities unique in the training arena.

Thousands of Marines have trained at STOPS prior to deployment to OEF and OIF during which many lessons learned have been incorporated into the design of facilities and equipment.

This fertile ground has also contributed to innovative research and development and rapid prototyping.  One product of this effort – the GETFO – resulted from watching the difficulties Marines sometimes have in rapidly dismounting from 7-ton trucks

The small ladder attached to the tailgate of a seven-ton truck is the only way to safely get out of the back of the vehicle.  When troops carrying 50 pounds of gear need to dismount in a firefight they either have to use the ladder or jump over six feet to the ground, all too often injuring an ankle or leg.STOPS designed a solution to innovatively allow quick injury-free egress from the back of a seven-ton truck and to re-enter the bed of the truck quicker and safer than standard methods.Using a technique similar to “fast-roping”, the GETFO system allows troops to slide down a pole –  like those used by firefighters – all the while controlling their speed until safely on the ground.The GETFO is a simple, inexpensive system that easily can be retrofitted in the field by two people in twenty minutes with the tools that come with the vehicle.  No modifications to the vehicle are necessary.  The GETFO weighs approximately 350 pounds and fits all Army and Marine Corps trucks.When the Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division saw how a squad of Marines with combat gear routinely and safely dismounted from a seven-ton truck with the GETFO, in 14 seconds, he initiated an Urgent Needs Statement request for all of the Division’s trucks to have a GETFO installed prior to deployment.  On 15 February 2006 Marine Corps Systems command issued a contract for 330 GETFOs and STOPS manufactured and delivered them in 60 days.

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