Role Players

Drawing on resources of our casting agency, co-located with the Stu Segall Productions TV / movie studio, Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is able to provide hundreds of role players who serve as civilians on the battlefield (COB). Foreign language speakers (FLS) who know the language and customs from any area of the world play the roles of government officials, religious leaders, tribal elders, or interpreters. Role players with military experience, weapons training, and knowledge of insurgent tactics can make up a dedicated opposing force (OPFOR). STOPS also provides Category II and III role players for training exercises requiring security clearances.

To support Special Operations Training Exercises STOPS has created platoon-sized teams of role players with military backgrounds who are fully outfitted with uniforms, gear, weapons, vehicles, tents, and logistical support. Trained by STOPS to act as partner nation special operations units, they participate in training exercises where they interact with U.S. SpecOps forces. STOPS provides all role players with wardrobe, props, and vehicles to faithfully replicate any environment imaginable.