STU SEGALL, President

KIT LAVELL, Executive Vice President

RUSS LOWELL, Chief Financial Officer

KEVIN WASKOW, Vice President Contracts

PAUL FLAVELL, International Projects Director

JOHN BOWEN, Training Operations

STEVE MARKHAM, Director Medical Products and Services

FERNANDO MARTINS, Director Canadian Operations


Staff and Departments

KEELY RODRIGUEZ, Executive Assistant to Stu Segall / Office Manager, bird6 [at] e-stops [dot] com (email) 

HUMAN RESOURCES, benefits [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)

ENGINEERING, engineering [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)

MANUFACTURING, manufacturing [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)

ATMOSPHERICS, atmospherics [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)

BATTLEFIELD EFFECTS, battlefieldfx [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)

MEDICAL SIMULATIONS, medicalfx [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)

MEDICAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, medical [at] e-stops [dot] com (email)