3-D Targets

3-D Targets
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The current 3-D target product offering consists of human and vehicle targets made of ABS plastic vacuum formed material. The human target is capable of withstanding approximately 3,000 rounds before hit registry failure, and the vehicle 3-D target varies case by case (depending on ordinance used).

Originally requested by the armed forces during war time, human 3 -D targets are used to acclimate shooters to engage humanoid targets supporting decision making skills such as; “Threat—No threat” in live fire events. The 3-D targets are configured with various hand held items for shooter discernment on employing proper rules of engagement (RoE) in complex environments. The 3-D human target can be employed in live fire lanes, on mobile platforms or static pop-up configurations. The 3-D targets are designed to fit on standard target lifters found on most government ranges or can be fixed to any number of target stands. Options are available for targets to be geo-specific upon request befitting the contemporary operating environment desired.

Vehicle 3-D target product offerings, like the humanoid 3-D targets, are vacuum formed. Due to the size the truck parts, they are formed by panels and assembled together with fasteners to replicate a small Toyota truck typically used in developing countries. The 3-D Truck model can be configured to mount on a various forms of towed or motorized chassis or as a stationary target.