Our Mission

Strategic Operations is committed to excellence through state of the art training.

Strategic Operations Inc., (STOPS) on the lot of Stu Segall Productions, at one time one of the largest independent TV / movie studios in America, provides “Hyper-Realistic®” training services and products for military, law enforcement and other organizations responsible for homeland security.

STOPS employs state-of-the-art Hollywood battlefield special effects, combat wound effects, medical simulation systems like the patented Human-worn Surgical Simulator (“Cut Suit”), role players, Foreign Language Speakers, and immersive training scenarios to create training environments that are the most unique in the industry.

Since 2002 Strategic Operations has provided Hyper-Realistic® training support to more than 750,000 military and law enforcement in the US and Canada.

STOPS is an official Navy medical research & development facility under the Simulated Ambulant Laboratory Technology (SALT II) contract, and has a Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) for a non-flyable MV-22 Osprey on-site to develop advanced medical care procedures and training for en route surgical resuscitation. The company also supports medical training and education for the civilian sector.

STOPS manufactures a wide range of innovative products including a patented mobile, scalable building system that can replicate the look of any area of the world, replica weapons, 3-D live-fire targets, ballistic unmanned ground vehicle targets, and props of all kinds. STOPS has constructed MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) and mission rehearsal facilities for training at numerous military bases across the U.S., Canada, Africa, and the Pacific.