Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) is committed to excellence. We enhance each training evolution with state-of-the-art “Hollywood” style special effects (pyrotechnic, weapons, make-up), medical simulation systems (Cut Suit, Advance Surgical Skills Package, IV sleeves), and role players. We create realistic training environments that are the most unique in the industry using atmospheric (props), Re-Locatable Habitat Units, and enhancements of ISO Shipping Containers. We will ensure our customized Hyper-Realistic® training evolutions and environments meet and exceed the training objectives, goals, and vision for all local, state, and federal entities.


Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) utilizing our Hyper-Realistic® techniques, processes, and products - strives to provide near real-world level experiences as participants willingly suspend disbelief and find themselves completely immersed in the scenarios - making the first or next real-life situation no worse than the last training simulation.