Strategic Habitats™ by Strategic Operations

For more than 18 years, San Diego’s Strategic Operations, located on the backlot of the Stu Segall Productions television and movie studio, has been providing innovative, leading-edge products and services that have solved a myriad of problems encountered by our military, first responders and medical industry. The company is now committed to solving one of our nation’s biggest problems — housing our homeless population — with the introduction of “Strategic Habitats™”, an innovative, affordable, long-term solution for temporary housing for homeless families.

Re-Locatable Habitat Unit (RHU)

The Relocatable Habitat Unit or RHU is a mobile modular structure that allows for training in multiple environments without the hassle of building permanent structures. One building can be erected by two individuals in as little as one hour. With the ease of reconfigurability, the RHU can be changed to prevent the training audience from "gaming the game" during training events.