Key Functional Area Support

Strategic Operations is capable of supporting several Armed Forces readiness initiatives under various contract vehicles for the following Key Functional Areas:

(1) Close Combat Training Support – (Platoon/Squad Level)
(a) Infantry Immersion Trainer (IIT)
(b) Role Players, Special Effects Pyrotechnics, Special Effects Make-up
(c) Range Enhancement/MOUT Construction

(2) Combat Training Center (CTC) Support
(a) Leader Training Program (LTP)
(b) Operational Environment (OE) Support
(c) Miscellaneous CTC Support

(3) Mission Complex and Live, Virtual & Constructive - Integrated Architecture (LVC-IA) Support
(a) Training Support
(b) Exercise Support
(c) Program Management
(d) LVC-IA Support

(4) Soldier Training Support
(a) Training Support Center (TSC) Operations
(b) TSC Modernization
(c) Program Management

(5) Training Development Support
(a) Combat Development Training Capability
(b) Mission Training Capability
(c) Constructive Simulation Capabilities

(6) Medical Training/Education and Advisory Assistance
(a) Medical TCCC Courseware / TADSS
(b) Medical Partner Building Capacity (PBC)
(c) Pre-hospital / Enroute care

(7) Mission Command and Military Decision Making training
(a) MOUT Site Enhancement / Construction
(b) Complex Scenario Development
(c) Use of Special Effects Driving Learning Objectives

(8) Support Army, Joint, NATO, and Coalition Exercises
(a) Program Management
(b) Role Player support
(c) Use of Special Effects Driving Learning Objectives