TCCC Instructor Kit - Tier 3

TCCC Instructor Kit - Tier 3
The TCCC Instructor Kit- Advanced builds upon the Basic Kit with the addition of the TCCC/EMS Cut Suit and Casualty Care Rescue Randy.


All of our injuries are specifically designed to accurately simulate life threatening traumas such as massive hemorrhages, burns, airway traumas, closed or open thoracic injuries, and much more. All of our training products allow for the use of real world treatments, allowing instructors and students to forego the common practice of notional treatments.

  • Provide standardized patient simulation capabilities across a broad spectrum of training audiences.
  • The system can be worn during even intense physical scenarios at the point of injury
  • The TCCC/EMS Cut Suit weighs approximately 20 lbs.
  • Clothing, uniform, body armor, and equipment is usable with the Cut Suit and Casualty Care Rescue Randy
  • Enables instructors and students to correctly apply the crawl, walk, run concept of learning.
  • Provides the capability to go from table top instruction to real world scenarios in a matter of minutes.
  • Enable instructors to rapidly change patient profiles, and perform all CoTCCC interventions
  • Give providers confidence when encountering real world patients
  • Human worn creates a training environment that feels real, providers react differently when their counterparts are injured.
  • Broad spectrum of potential patient profiles, from walking wounded to expectant casualties.
  • Can be used on low fidelity manikins if live patients are not available.
  • User repairable, greatly prolonging life span of the training products.
  • Control extremity hemorrhage with:
    • Tourniquet application, arterial ligation/clamping, internal compression
    • Wound-void packing - with a blood distribution system
  • Surgical Cricothyroidotomy
  • Bilateral anterior and axillary chest needle thoracentesis
  • Bilateral surgical chest-tube thoracotomy
  • Suturing and stapling of skin in all locations
  • Peripheral IV access
  • Sternal intraosseous IV access
  • Peripheral IV medication administration
  • Blood product transfusions

*Please note, our products and methods may be covered by one or more of the following US Patents: 8,840,403; 9,336,693; 9,865,179; 9,916,774; 9,997,087; 10,325,524; 10,360,817; 10,360,818; 10,665,135; 10,726,743; 10,847,058, 10,977,962; 11,151,902 and US Patents Pending, as well as Foreign Patents: AU 2011271667; CA 2807472; CA 2894673; DE 60 2013 049 550.5; EP2589037 (DE); EP2589037 (FR); EP2589037 (UK); EP2852941 (FR); EP2852941 (UK).

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