Blast Trousers

Blast Trousers
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The Blast Trousers are used in conjunction with the Strategic Operations Blood Pumping System (BPS) in Hyper-Realistic ® scenarios.

The Blast Trousers simulate blast injuries starting above the knees that are circumferential and continue to just below the naval. The wound is above any effective tourniquet placement and must be treated by clamping the vessel or packing the wound (which holds up to two rolls of gauze) and applying direct pressure.

The Blast Trousers not only have a life-like appearance and feel, but can have additional life threatening or distracter wounds built in for supplementary training opportunities. Utilizing the BPS, these trousers are capable of bleeding out three liters of blood in just over two minutes.
Uncontrolled hemorrhaging is the number one concern for patient survivability at the point of injury. Many of these fatalities are being prevented by the prompt application of a tourniquet. However, there are many times when a tourniquet cannot be applied or may be ineffective in controlling life threatening hemorrhage.

One of the most difficult wounds to treat on the battlefield is an uncontrolled hemorrhage from an inguinal injury. The Blast Trousers will bridge this training gap. As the latest addition to the Strategic Operations line of Hyper-Realistic® medical simulation products, we have developed the Blast Trousers to replicate a life threatening bleed to the inguinal region. This is the most realistic simulation system to train Medics, Corpsmen, and other first responders for treatment of this injury.