Faux Weapons

Faux Weapons
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Faux weapons, munitions, and HME devices are all proven effective training aids used to add a dimension of realism or validate individual & collective skill sets. These training devices are commonly used when students are tasked with identifying weapons, removing a cache, or when the actual weight of a weapon system is needed to improve team building drills, such as the all steel non-firing MK-19 replica, ammunition boxes or heavy projectiles. FAUX weapons are available to replicate weight and physical characteristics of a weapon or ordinance to support school house, regimental training or to supplement any field problem with the highest authenticity.

Unlike the traditional blue gun training aids the FAUX weapons manufactured at the Strategic Operations facility are constructed with an impact resistant resin using a steel sub frame. Molds are taken from actual firearms and ordinance to ensure truest form and highest fidelity. Various FAUX paint techniques are employed to simulate distressed wood, rusted steel or any other desired finish.