Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit (HRMK)

Hyper-Realistic<sup>&reg;</sup> Moulage Kit
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Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) implements real world lessons learned in all products. The Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit (HRMK) provides the capabilities of a trained Special Effects Make-up Artist in one highly versatile product.

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The wound kit inserts realism into any training evolution, increasing the stress inoculation factor for medical and non-medical professionals, and greatly decreases reoccurring costs when implementing Hyper-Realistic® casualties into training scenarios - because everything is completely reusable.

The Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit Contains:

  • All required supplies needed for wound application and removal
  • The ability to produce up to 12.5 Gallons of STOPS Artificial Blood
  • Instructions for application, removal, cleaning, reusing, and storing of wounds
  • Reusable and customizable injury reference cards
    • increases the realism for casualties
    • simplifies wound description and application for non-medical personnel
  • Removable “pages” of wound patterns for ease of use and accountability

Customizable Wound Patterns:

  • Superficial and Deep lacerations
  • Closed and Compound fractures
  • Impaled Objects
  • Shrapnel Wounds
  • Partial and Full Thickness Burns
  • Partial Amputations
  • Abdominal Evisceration
  • Flail Chest and Open Thoracic Injuries
  • Extra orbital Avulsions with or without Ocular Injury
  • Maxillofacial Trauma with and without Dental Injury
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Injury
  • Entrance and Exit Gunshot Wounds
    • multiple calibers including but not limited to 5.56, 7.62, and 9mm

Unique Features:

  • Complete reusability of wounds
  • All supplies stored in one portable bag for ease of use and convenience

Also available: Make-Up/Moulage Basic Course

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