TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit (TAMK)

TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit (TAMK)
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Strategic Operations Inc. wearable wounds are designed to give realistic tactile and visual feedback in a multitude of training environments. These wearable wounds boost your clinical presentation by giving injuries a three-dimensional look that accepts real medical interventions. Our ruggedized wound simulators are form-fitted to be anatomically correct, whether human worn or placed on a manikin.

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Special Features
  • Hyper-Realistic®
  • Simulates real-world injuries
  • Form Fitting
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Tactile feedback
  • Expedient Application
  • Versatile patient configurations
  • Medium and Dark Skin Tone options
  • Packable Wound Cavities
Included in the TAMK
  • Lacerated Scalp Hood w/Hair (WS-LSH1-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6772]
  • Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (WS-MJBT-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6766]
  • Sucking Chest Wound + Exit Back - Short Sleeve Shirt (WS-SCW-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-7005]
  • 3rd Degree Burns to Chest and Back - Short Sleeve (WS-BCB-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6762]
  • Arm Burn - Long Sleeve Shirt (WS-BA-MS
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-7012]
  • Radial/Ulna Fracture - Arm Sleeve (WS-RUF-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6978]
  • Femoral Wound Shorts (WS-FSB-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-6947-034]
  • Tib/Fib Closed Fracture - Lower Leg Sleeve (WS-LLF-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6850]
  • 3rd Degree Burns - Lower Leg Sleeve (WS-BLL-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6971]
  • Partial Left Foot Amputation Sleeve (HRMK-RP31-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6796]
  • Partial Right-Hand Amputation Sleeve (HRMK-RP32-MS )
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6985]
  • Brachial Sleeve (WS-ASB-MS)
    [NSN: 6910-01-694-6813]
  • Removable Protective Case Sleeves
  • SFX Blood Concentrate
  • Make-up Kit
  • UI: Kit
  • Unit weight: Approx. 31 lbs
  • IP67 Case dimensions: 24.53” x19.54”x 8.41”
  • TCCC ASM: All Service Members (Tier 1)
  • TECC LEO: NAEMT Skills Set
Ordering Info
  • Product Number: TAMK-MS
  • NSN: 6910-01-693-3677
  • CAGE: 3DW65

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