Tactical Medicine Technician (TMT)

Tactical Medicine Technician (TMT)
The crawl, walk, run teaching methodology will take the students from the repetitive practice of core Tactical Medicine skills through full Hyper-Realistic® stress inoculation scenarios.

Available Classes
15 - 19 July 2024

27 - 31 January 2025
Price per Participant: $2,500.00

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Highly recommend this course for any agency needing tactical medical training. All instructors were knowledgeable and willing to help in any way. Training site and equipment were by far the most realistic I have trained on.

Participant, July 2022 - TMT

(California POST – Tactical Lifesaver / California EMSA – TEMS Technician)

Strategic Operations POST ID # 1102
Tactical Medicine Technician – 40 HRS
Law Enforcement Receive 40 hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT)

Tactical Medicine Technician 40 CE Credits
EMS CE Provider # 16-SWCC-F2-2005

NAEMT Authorized Training Center – # 6653
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider – 16 CE Credits

Minimum qualifications: EMT, Paramedic, RN, PA or Physician. This 40 hour course exceeds California POST and EMSA guidelines for Tactical Medicine and provides 40 hours of CAPCE (formerly CECBEMS) credits and/or POST CPT for LE officers.

Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) utilizes the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, updated in December 2021, teaching the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (CoTECC) recognized educational content.

Instructor staff is a combination of experienced military combat medics and civilian tactical paramedics.

The last two (2) days are supported by local LE cover officers including full SWAT equipment, vehicles, tear gas, less-lethal, etc.

In addition to passing all of the required skills practicums, at the end of the course each student will take the written exam for NAEMT TCCC/TECC certification as well as coaching for national IBSC Tactical Paramedic Certification (TP-C).

Whether certifying as a tactical paramedic on a SWAT team or preparing for Rescue Task Force (RTF) deployment at violent MASCALs, this course will imbed the inter-operable core skills you will need to provide under pressure.

Upon successful completion of TMT, students will receive a 4 year NAEMT TECC Provider Certificate, 40 hours of CMEs/CEUs from CAPCE, and CA-POST CPTs.

Course Location:
Strategic Operations
4705 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

Available Classes
15 - 19 July 2024

27 - 31 January 2025

This class is authorized for UASI tuition reimbursement, backfill and/or overtime; all of this is at the discretion of each agency. Individuals are directed to inquire with their own agency for UASI approval and authorization.

Dress Code
Tactical Uniform worn by assigned team. Also, tactical medical vests or containers/pouches and PPE worn by assigned team should be brought to class each day. Front line consumable tactical medical equipment will be replaced by training equipment at Strategic Operations. For medics not assigned to a tactical team, wear whatever your field uniform is for EMS calls and Strat Ops will supply tactical medical containers/pouches and supplies.

Enrollment and Payment
Details of signing up and payment can be found in specific class listing.

For more information, contact the STOPS medical training office at 858-715-5265 or [email protected].

Strategic Operations Inc. offers the following training courses:

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)
The Second Edition of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course is designed to present a strong foundation of topics, concepts, principles, and skills specific to delivering emergency medical care for patients in a civilian tactical environment.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders (TECC-LEO)
An 8-hour classroom scenario-based skills course designed explicitly for law enforcement and non-EMS first responders.

Tactical Medicine Technician (TMT)
The crawl, walk, run teaching methodology will take the students from the repetitive practice of core Tactical Medicine skills through full Hyper-Realistic® stress inoculation scenarios.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
NAEMT's Tactical Combat Casualty Care course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield, under the auspices of the PHTLS program. It is the only TCCC course endorsed by the American College of Surgeons.

Make-Up/Moulage Basic Course (HRMK)
Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is pleased to provide instruction in the techniques of how best to safely and effectively utilize the Hyper-Realistic® Moulage Kit (HRMK) creating Hyper-Realistic wound simulations that will enhance any training scenario.

This course draws on the many years of experience of the STOPS’ Professional Special Effects Make-up Team and will provide the Training Audience with the knowledge and tools required to employ the HRMK in support of day to day training scenarios reducing those training costs and allowing high profile/final exercises to continue to be supported by Professional Special Effects Artists.

Make-Up/Moulage Advanced Course (HRMK)
The two-day STOPS HRMK Advanced Training Course conducted at the STOPS facility in San Diego, CA will delve deeper into the more complex capabilities of the wound kit. This in-depth training will instruct the Training Audience in specialized techniques developed by the STOPS Make-up Team to successfully execute everything from a single casualty with multiple injuries to a mass casualty training scenario.