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State-of-the-Art Shoot House

A 12,000 square foot Tactical Training Laboratory allows special effects experts to control the infinitely changeable sets, lighting, smoke and sound to produce the most believable scenarios. The “shoot house” is used for close quarter combat training with Simunitions®, blanks, and various special effects.

Residences, a school, a drug lab, offices, a bomb lab – all rooms are fully furnished, floor plans are multi-changeable and catwalks allow overhead viewing without interfering with the action. Real furniture, operating fixtures, and numerous props give the surroundings a life-like, lived-in look.
The bomb lab and the drug lab contain a full compliment of interactive props to create Nuclear / Biological / Chemical (NBC) types of simulations.

A digital audio and video system with cameras and microphones throughout the facilities allow monitoring, recording, playback, and analysis of all the action for after-action review on large screens in classrooms or at remote locations. Training officers can take away DVD recordings of training sessions.