Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) - Atmospherics

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Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) - Atmospherics is best defined as props, sets, and other items used to create a Hyper-Realistic®, immersive, simulated environment in which participants willingly suspend disbelief that they are not in the real world.

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These immersive environments replicate rural low-density areas to densely populated urban areas by providing layers of texture, infrastructure components, and subterranean features.

Replicating a living functional environment to enhance a MOUT training site is what MOUT-Atmospherics is all about. The general approach is to make the most of any available budget whether supporting a large Combat Training Center or a Home Station training venue.

Preparing a training site for Hyper-Realistic® Training using MOUT-Atmospherics is a process of transitioning a sterile training site, void of human existence, into the look and feel of an area that is “lived” in. Nothing is notional, there will be furniture, beds, clothing, and normal house wares integrated into a tactical problem set, just like real life. This richly textured environment, often “weathered” look will need to be woven into the tactical plan, where outside of the training structures, shrubbery, trees, poles, bicycles, and compound walls will also need to be considered when developing the overall training site plan.

Atmospherics add a training dimension that cannot be otherwise achieved when validating room clearing methods, or checking for “hides” false bottom floors, or other insurgent methods are used to evade tactical/containment plans and fade back into the population after carrying out operational objectives.

MOUT-Atmospherics, when executed effectively, lends value to the tactical training environment in ways that make scenario development run deeper into the human psyche, carrying more meaning to learning objectives often involving forensics or sensitive site exploitation.

Training sites can be prepared to best orient the participants to a specific Area of Responsibility (AOR) in the specific Contemporary Operating Environment (COE).

Live Fire Shoot House Props
The “Live Fire” props are designed with live fire safety requirements in mind - CQB/CQC in live fire shoot houses at Law Enforcement and Armed Forces designated training areas. Props are manufactured to replicate any product or prop in any contemporary operating environment in the world. Props are easy to move and place. The entire prop is made of foam and in some cases may have fabric overlay. This allows projectiles to pass through the facades/props in its natural trajectory into the ballistic back stop with zero ballistic deflection.

Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Kit (Intelligence Aids)
The SSE Kit is a highly customizable package support line item designed to provide an additional level of hyper-realism to the training environment. Each kit is a transit case packaged system that contains what the end user needs in terms of essential information, intelligence, and equipment that typically is used by insurgent groups, anti‐government, and anti‐U.S. organizations to carry out operational objectives.

International personas are complete with identification and intelligence designed to feed information into an intelligence matrix and results in a cross match indicating significant suspicious activity. The personas can also be utilized in the tactical debriefing setting as part of a surveillance team de-brief.

The training aids most commonly used in the SSE kit consist of faux weapons and ammunition caches, IED making materials for students to examine signatures and provide safe practice techniques for removal and disposal tactics techniques and procedures.

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