Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Kit (Intelligence Aids)

SSE Kit (Intelligence Aids)
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The SSE Kit is a highly customizable package support line item designed to provide an additional level of hyper-realism to the training environment.

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Each kit is a transit case packaged system that contains what the end user needs in terms of essential information, intelligence, and equipment that typically is used by insurgent groups, anti‐government, and anti‐U.S. organizations to carry out operational objectives.

International personas are complete with identification and intelligence designed to feed information into an intelligence matrix and results in a cross match indicating significant suspicious activity. The personas can also be utilized in the tactical debriefing setting as part of a surveillance team de-brief.

The training aids most commonly used in the SSE kit consist of faux weapons and ammunition caches, IED making materials for students to examine signatures and provide safe practice techniques for removal and disposal tactics techniques and procedures.

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