Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT)

Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT)
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Uncontrolled hemorrhaging is the number one concern for patient survivability at the point of injury. The patent pending Multi-Junctional Bleed Trainer (MJBT) is a Hyper-Realistic® medical training product designed to safely simulate hemorrhaging in some of the most challenging anatomical locations such as the carotid artery, axillary artery, and inguinal artery.

The MJBT is the unequaled training tool to perfect these life saving techniques during Hyper-Realistic® training scenarios. The MJBT enables care providers to practice and hone their wound packing skills for those anatomical areas where it is extremely difficult and nearly impossible for a medical provider to apply adequate external pressure or application of a tourniquet.

The MJBT is designed for use with the STOPS Blood Pumping Systems (BPS).

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